A Most Touching Dachshund Tribute

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me, they are the role model for being alive.” – Gilda Radner This tribute video of a Dachshund shows how they can be very very loving intimate.   Families with Dachshunds

Dog Breed 101 – The Mighty German Shepherd

The original K9 Police Dog, there are over 8,000 deputy dogs!  They are the legendary heroes of the police and military force. They are the result of specific breeding in Germany to produce the perfect service dog.  wolfpackk9 When at home, they remain athletic, disciplined,

Toilet Bowl Water VS Lakes and Rivers

Dogs get their drinking water usually from what we provide them – a fresh clean water bowl.   But do you know where else? There are two other main sources:  a foreign body of water (puddle, river, lake, etc.) and the household toilet.  mccluskeychevrolet  Is

When You Are Fishing For A Boxer Dog

Combine your favorite fishing hobby with your love for Boxer dogs? The result is catching total fun and laughtrip! This video teaching you how to fish for Boxer dogs is Hilarious! Are you Hungry for a Boxer dog? Catch one adorable Boxer dog in

English Bulldog 101 – Is This Breed Right For You?

ENGLISH BULLDOGS: Tenacious. Powerful.  Lovable. Fierce. Confident. Tough.  Independent. While the typical dog would look to their owners for guidance and support; the English Bulldog is just “Whatever, I don’t need you.” They are funny creatures!  They look funny and they make funny sounds.

5 Ways On How To Manage And Minimize Dog Shedding

When owning a dog, one of the most common complaints is about shedding of dog’s fur.  Unfortunately, shedding is one of the normal things that happen to all dogs. Even those dogs that don’t seem to shed like the Poodles and Terriers, they still

The Meaning Of The Groans and Sighs of Your Dog

Aren’t dogs such drama queens? They sigh and groan as if they carry the weight of the world over their shoulder!  polyvore Well, these dogs are trying to convey a message to you.  Groaning and sighing are pretty common dog sounds and they can

Why Is My Dog Trembling? The Three Sides Of Dog Shakes

Are there times when you notice your dog trembling?  This happens to dogs every now and then. A lot of dog owners have expressed their worry and confusion as to this peculiar behavior.   sevneurology Below are the three reasons and explanations as to why your