10 Advice Dogs Would Give, If They Could Speak

Dogs know the secret to happiness.  They do!  Dogs just can’t tell us because they can’t speak, even though they truly love us.

But if they did, these would be the wise things they would tell you to get closer to the heavenly bliss that they feel:


1. You should give hugs to others more often. Since you don’t have a tail like me, it is important to do this so that your people know you love them and are happy that they’re around. You might also get a treat or two. 


2.  I can attest to the fact that you’re an excellent hunter, seeing as you regularly feed me tasty meals twice a day. So I don’t understand how you can doubt yourself and feel inferior to others. Believe in yourself and keep the treats coming.


3.  Why don’t you try sticking to a routine like I do.  That way, I can always tell when you’re going to come home and wait for you at the door.


4.  During my reflections, I have realized that peoples are like mirrors. When I snarl at them, they get scared and start screaming. When I wag my tail and look happy, they start talking in baby speak which I really really like. I think that if you are nice to your peoples, they will be nice to you.


5. Love your job! You must love it like I love chasing after tennis balls. That’s why I never get tired of doing it. If you like digging holes instead, that’s fine too. Just do something that you like and you’ll definitely be happy.  


6.  I can give you classes on being loyal. I am very good at loyalty, you know. I’m so loyal, I don’t even eat my food until you come home. It just doesn’t taste the same.


7. Don’t be afraid to face things that scare you. Like me. Even when 5 or 6 dogs come barking at you, I never back down because I am sworn to protect you and your peoples. Because I love you, I get the courage to stand up to them and scare them away.


8. I noticed you easily get bored.  You spend most of your time staring at moving squiggly things in your magic mirror. You should go out and run around. It just feels awesome!  Walks too, you’ll never get bored of walks. 


9. You have to be forgiving to those who you love. Remember that time you hit me? I could have bitten you or growled at you, but I didn’t say anything because I love you and that you didn’t mean it. Later, it was you who came and said sorry and gave me treats. See what I mean?


10.  Don’t take life too seriously, okay? Life is very simple. A cozy place to sleep, tasty meals twice or thrice a day, a ball to chase and people to love and cuddle with . . .  that’s all you need.



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