10 Amusing Confessions of Dog Owners [OMG!]

10 Anonymous Dog Owners took up the courage to confess, express, vent & celebrate the ups and downs of having a dog at home.  It’s pretty hilarious knowing these personal things about their dogs!!

Maybe you can relate to some of these confessions too? ROFL!

1.“My dog loves to lick feet and I don’t really  mind it.”

source:  pips-dogs-blog

2.  “I have multiple dogs and feel a little guilty that I like one more than the others.”

source: dailymail

3. “I don’t take my dog out when it’s raining.”

source: dogsdayoutseattle

4. “If a guy I’m dating doesn’t pass the “dog test,” he’s a goner. My dogs are great at assessing personalities”

source: petownersdating

5.  “Am I the only one who wonders if my dog actually understands what I’m saying but lacks the ability to communicate back? Like what if they are humans reincarnated? Is that stupid? LOL.”

source: ruthiehart

6. “I’ve stolen a dog before.. A guy on my street used to keep his dogs outside and there was this one female that was so old and sad looking. She was left outside in freezing rain (in December) and was not kept well, very skinny and had long nails. I felt really bad about taking her to the shelter and said she was a stray, but at least she would be inside and not freezing to death. I watched the shelter’s adoptable dog list online and saw that she made it past the front gates so to speak.. I ended up convincing my sister’s boss to adopt her and she still lives there now. He loves her to pieces and nicknamed her Princess because she hates to get her feet wet, still to this day. I am happy I did what I did but didn’t tell anyone about it except my wife and her new dad. I’m really glad it all worked out because I know it was really dangerous.”

source: imagepuppy

7. “I once used a pet correct on a human toddler who came running up to my foster who is extremely high energy. Ooops.”

source: myminidoxie

8. “Has anyone else had to barehand a poop? I hope I’m not the only one!”

source: dailytelegraph

9.  “The first time my dog ate one of our condoms I got scared so I called the vet to see what I should do. I was embarrassed to claim it was used but thought the more info the better. Then he did it again. And when he finally passed it we were in public on a crowded street. Out came his poop with not one but two used condoms. It was very obvious what he was pooping out to folks walking by. I was mortified!”

source: flickr

10. “Number one most embarrassing moment of my life.. My dog ate a pair of my underwear and had to have it surgically removed from his intestines. It was a really lacey-frilly pair that I don’t EVER wear. I have no idea how he even got it. I was mortified when the vet told me what he had swallowed and showed me the bag.. Lord help me with this dog.”

source: huffingtonpost

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