10 Amusing Confessions of Dog Owners [Part II]

More Anonymous Dog Owners took up the courage to confess, express, vent & celebrate the ups and downs of having a dog at home.  It’s pretty hilarious knowing these personal things about their dogs!!


1. “There’s something about people referring to their dogs as their ‘babies’ that creeps me out. I get it…they love them like they would a baby/child. But it still creeps me out.”

source: crucialvacuum

2. “My dogs have saved my life more than once.. From an abusive relationship, and from myself. They give my life meaning, and its been a long time since I’ve felt needed by a person, but only minutes since I’ve been needed by my dogs.”

source: jezebel

3. “I saw my dog attack another dog and have never been able to look at him the same way. He stopped being my baby and became something scary. It definitely hurt our relationship because I am afraid of him. I don’t know how to work past it.”

source: i-am-bored

4. “My dog is afraid of farts and burps.. She will leave the room or the couch if she hears one. What the heck?”

source: imgur

5.  “I love taking my dog out in the rain because I know no one else will be.  I can get in a nice long walk with no bad and awkward encounters.”

source: onleash

6.  “I’ve gotten to the point where dogs going to the bathroom in my house doesn’t phase me. Between my foster dogs and my personal dogs, it happens to much too care. I just pick it up, spray some air freshener and move on with my day.”

source:  dogster

7. “My life is full and many of the holes in my heart have been patched up because of my dogs.”

source:  petimagery

8.  “My job can be so demanding and there are days when I’m working 10 hours. During that time it is very difficult for me to give my boy the attention he so much deserves. I try to make up for it as much as I can but I wish I could give him so much more. He’s a wonderful boy and never complains about my work. He just stays by my side. I love him with all my heart!”

source: dreamstime

9. “I’m not a good dog owner either. My dogs miss meals because I cannot afford food, they lack some necessary vet care and I don’t remember the last time they went for a wellness exam because the funds for it just don’t exist. They have had the same chewed up toys for years because I just can’t afford the $15 for a new rubber ball. I work in rescue, I know there are resources out there to help. I’m either too proud or feel that others need it more than me, or that being in rescue I shouldn’t need the assistance. I’m supposed to set the example, I have helped countless others, fostered so many, and educated thousands, I help spent so much time helping, yet here I sit feeling helpless.”

source: dogbreedinfo

1o. “When I can’t sleep, I make my dog jump up into bed and snuggle with me. Works every time.”

source: thisblewmymind


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