10 Awkward Moments In Dog History

Here are 10 of the most vulnerable moments with our lovable dogs. Them being unguarded looks so cute and funny!

1. That moment when expectation is much higher than your jump.

Source: tumblr

2. That moment when the news just literally slap right in front of you.

Source: buzzfeed

3. That moment when you’re just trying to have a nice and decent conversation.

Source: 4gifs

4. That moment when you’re too excited and you forget the gate.

Source: bunnyfood

5. That first time you go on higher.

Source: corgigif

6. That moment when you try to sneak out that leftover food in the table.

Source: hobolunchbox

7. That moment when you act like you’re not paying attention to the human. 

Source: 4gifs

8. That moment when humans are treating you like a toddler.

Source: gifboom

9. That moment when you use the stairs as slide.

Source: onegif

10. That moment when you’re expecting something you are not.

Source: bunnyfood


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