10 Brave Confessions of Dog Owners

10 Anonymous Dog Owners were brave enough to tell the truth about their experiences with their dogs.   It is amazing knowing these personal things and little secrets they had with their dogs!

1.  “Every time I get back from a walk I feel like a total failure. I end up in tears every single time and it makes me not want to even try again the next day. I resent my dog for his behavior and I know it’s not his fault. I just feel so defeated. It’s ruining my relationship with my boyfriend because we constantly fight about it. I know we need a professional to help but I’ve tried 2 and neither made much of a difference. It would just be easier to find him a new home that can deal with this better than we can, but I know I would never forgive myself.”

source: thehollywoodgossip

2.  “I act really judgey about people walking their dogs off leash, but…sometimes I do it too.”

source: vetstreet

3.   “Why does my dog think it’s funny to hump my house guests? Is it because my fiance thinks it’s funny too? Ugh.”

source: littlethings

source: veryfunnypics

4.  “When I’m driving home from work and about 2 minutes away, I start to get REALLY excited to see my dog…not so much my husband.”

source: metrouk

5.  “I sometimes drink a few glasses of wine (or maybe a bottle) before walking my dogs. It takes the edge off.”

source: wallmonkeys

6.  “Poop. My life revolves around poop. Picking it up, Wiping it off. Examining it…its size, consistency, color, smell. SO.MUCH.POOP.
So be it. I love my dogs and their (healthy) poop.”

source: satireworld

7.  “I think I love my dog more than my boyfriend.. My dog never yells at me or gives me a hard time about things.. or judges what I do. He’s just always happy to be next to me. Dogs are easier to love sometimes.”

source:  dogvacay

8.  “I post more pictures of my dogs on FB than my kids.”

source:  telegraph

9.  “I probably spend more money and time making sure my dogs have a healthy diet than making sure that I have one.”

source: gudog

10.  “The thought of losing my dog brings me to tears. She is old, but still energetic and well. I wish they lived longer. I really want more time.”

source: tumblr

source: dailymail

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