10 Commandments Of Every Bull Dog Owner

Bulldogs are cute, funny and cuddly kind of dog breed. They are one of the most family oriented dog breeds.

All bulldog lovers should follow each commandments given below for a long lasting dog-human relationship.

1. Don’t mind flatulence.

Source: pinterest

2. Love wrinkles and folds.

Source: expatads

3. Prefer short and stocky over tall and handsome.

Source: hdwallpaper

4. Love the fat rather than skinny.

Source: bullytree

5. Enjoy being slobbered on.

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6. Loved being kissed.

Source: youtube

7. Love crooked teeth.

Source: dailypuppy

8. Enjoy cuddling with large balls of flubber.

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9. Don’t mind eye snot in the morning.

Source: coolanimalworld

10. Realize that you are the luckiest dog owner in the world.

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