10 Common Diseases All Dogs Could Be Suffering From

Dogs become ill for so many reasons. Even those well-cared for dogs still have health issues that could endanger them.   You would be surprised, when you see your vet for a routine check up, to discover health problems before it can get out of hand.

Watch out for these 10 very common diseases, your dog just might have it:

1. Skin Problems – Itching, chewing and scratching are typical signs of skin issues in dogs. The skin may also appear red, inflamed, flaky, scaly or otherwise abnormal.  This can be caused by allergies, wounds or parasites.  If you see your dog having abnormal looking skin or is constantly scratching itself, please let them see a vet before they become too miserable.


2. Ear Infections  – When dogs shake their heads and scratch their ears, this could well be a sign of an ear problem, which is very itchy and painful.  Often, there are debris or foul discharge inside their ear usually caused by allergies in relation to skin issues.  If your dog has ear infection for more than two days already, please take them to the veterinarian.


3. Urinary Track Infection – Dogs with UTI can pee excessively, accompanied by lethargic behavior and increased thirst.  You may find their inappropriate urination as annoying, thinking that they need more house training, but actually, your dog might be suffering from UTI.


4. Vomiting  –  There are times when random vomiting should not alarm you. Still, vomiting should not be ignored.  Vomiting could be a sign of toxic stomache, gastrointestinal blockage or other serious diseases.  If vomiting is persistent, please take your poor dog to the veterinarian to find out the cause of the problem.


5. Diarrhea  – Closely connected to vomiting, diarrhea is also a common problem that dogs experience.  While one or two episodes of diarrhea is no emergency, ongoing diarrhea can lead to dehydration.


6. Parasites – It would seem that these tiny annoying canine parasites cannot be avoided in the dogs’ world.  There are internal and external parasites, but these can be avoided with monthly treatments.


7. Dental Problems  – Oral problems is among the more serious diseases, but one of the most overlooked by dog owners.  It is not normal for dogs to have bad breath, so this is already a sign of dental problem.  Plaque and tartar in your dog’s mouth harbor dangerous bacteria, causing damage to the teeth and gums – eventually entering the blood stream to affect the heart and kidneys.  Never underestimate the damage that bacteria can do not only to your dog’s teeth, but also to his health in general.


8.  Obesity –  While this is one of the fastest growing problem with dogs, this is also one of the most preventable.  Obesity can lead to serious health issues like diabetes, heart disease and orthopedic problems. Fortunately, obesity can be prevented (and can usually be reversed) through proper diet and exercise.


9.  Arthritis – Also known as inflammation of the joints, this disease is more common for senior dogs or any dog with an old injury.   It is a good thing that vets can help you manage your dogs arthritis to ease their suffering and make them enjoy life more.


10. Poisoning  –  Sometimes, dog owners cannot stop the curiosity of our dogs.  It is no surprise that they are susceptible to poisoning or toxicity, usually from eating plants, medications, household items and food.  Find out what dangers may exist in your dog’s environment and what your dog has been eating to avoid poisoning.


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