10 Dachshunds Who Just Want To Take A Day Off

Watching these little wiener’s play is cute, but so much cuter when they are sleeping. I really love this adorable breed!

1. “I wanna sleep just for sec!”

Source: aplacetolovedogs

2. “Its the first day of my vacation, I’ll just sleep for the whole day!”

Source: dachshundtalk

3. “I love this place, I think i’ll just hang around here for awhile”


Source: bitsypaws

4.”I’m multi-tasking. Stretching and sleeping.”

Source: cutearoo

5. “This is my favorite position and my favorite bed”

Source: aplacetolovedog

6. “Shhhh…please lemme take this power nap!”

Source: dogpawprint

7. “I need someone to snuggle with!”

Source: dailymail

8. Ohhh! What a nice day. Now let me go back to sleep!”

Source: cuteoverload

9. “This bed and I belong to each other.”


Source: petfans

10. “This bed is the most comfortable place ever!” 

Source: lifewithdogs

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