10 Dogs Celebrating Their Birthdays

These dogs are wonderfully celebrating their birthday, all thanks to their caring hoomans! And the dogs look all cute and funny!  Birthdays are one of the best days ever!

1. “Why am I the only one wearing the hat?”

Source: aplacetolovedogs

2. “I want an oreo ice cream cake, not this one!”

Source: llamaexpert

3. “They look so ugly, I look cute! hahaha”

Source: neoneo185

4. “Gonna blow the candle…”

Source: zombieraptors

5. “Let me sleep first so that my age will turn backwards.”

Source: knifeninja

6. “Yey Peanut butter cupcakes”

Source: perceptionnouveau

7. “Yes! I can eat adult food already!”

Source: blote

8. “Thank you for the gifts! I love you!”



Source: tumblr

9. “I want a real bone for my birthday!”

Source: birthdaywords

10. “Look! More guests coming! Yey!”


Source: romprescue

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