10 Dog’s Destined to be the Next Great Car Racer

Dogs and Cars. You think it’s impossible to combine both?  It’s 100% hilariously funny to see dogs on cars!

1. “Please don’t disturb me, I’m driving!”

Source: hobolunchbox

2. “Watch and Learn baby!”

Source: bbc

3. “Whatta nice place to practice here”

Source: imgur

4. ” I can feel the winning streak!”

Source: giphy

5. “This is what you call Practice Makes Perfect”

Source: forgifs

6. “It’s a good start, right?”

Source: ohmagif

7. “A little faster, losers!”

Source: cheezburger

8. “For the win!”

Source: tumblr

9. “A good racer is a bad teacher!”

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10. “We knew it from the start that dogs always win!”

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