10 Dogs Having A Bad Hair Day

Grooming is very important to every dog. And having their haircut is one of them. But watch what these crazy owners did to their dogs’ hair that made them one hell of a laughing stock!

1. “What were you thinking?”

Source: ilovefunnydogs

2. “This one-sided bangs make my head a little heavier to the left”

Source: justcuteanimals

3. “Why did they stop in the middle?”

Source: thechives

4.”Great! Now i can do the milkin!”

Source: thechives

5.”Try to laugh and you will die in an instant!”

Source: barkpost

6. “I still look fabulous right?”

Source: thechives

7. “Just please stop looking at me!”

Source: giveitlove

8. “I don’t understand why they’re afraid of me”

Source: pinterest

9.”Now i’m like a walking mop!”

Source: giveitlove

10.”Look me in the eye and say i look good!”

Source: giveitlove

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