10 Dogs Lovin’ The Sunshine

Finally! Winter’s over and the sun is up. These dogs just can’t hide the joy they felt as the sun touches their furs.

1. I can feel the heat!

Source: thebridestree

2. I believe I can touch the sun.

Source: flickrhivemind

3. Sunshine and me are so bright.

Source: pinterest

4. The sun is hot and so I am!

Source: amazon

5. Is it the sun or I’m just a one hot dog!

Source: pinterest

6. I’m happy. I just don’t want to show it!

Source: dreamstime

7. Nice weather. Let’s play!

Source: ink361

8. I’m loving it!

Source: dogpicturesite

9. Yipeeee! Sun!

Source: amazonaws

10. Getting our tan on! 

Source: petguide

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