10 Dogs Running With Adorably Awkward Faces

I always love how a running dog can go from regal to insanely hilarious. Here are 10 dogs that are making hilarious faces while running. I’m sure that the pictures were simply taken at just the right time, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are quite funny.

1. “That silly stick!”

Source: pinterest

2. “Where did the ball go?”

Source: labradortraininghq

3. “Foooood!”

Source: pinterest

4. “I miss you little buddy!”

Source: funnyfidos

5. “And I just can’t hind my feelings about it!”

Source: officialhuskylovers

6. “Finally!”

Source: pinterest

7.“I’m both excited and tired”

Source: pbh2

8. “That ball just hit me!”

Source: brainjet

9. “I should have cut off that bacon in my diet!”

Source: pinterest

10. “Catch me I’m flying!”

Source: officialhuskylovers

11.  “I hearz a hotdog callin’ my name!”

Source: pinterest

12. “Gotta catch that ball!”

Source: pinterest

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