10 Dogs Shaming During Park Visits

When your dog acts perfect at home, but it’s a completely different story at the dog park.  Check out these 10 dogs below to see what naughty things they do at the dog park and be amazed how they completely transform from a sweet little angel into a naughty evil one. OH GOSH!!!!

1. When you have no choice but to say sorry for what your dog has done.

Source: pinterest

2. When your dog suddenly transform into a dog park rapist

Source: shameyourpet

3. When they have all the food they can eat. Why steal?

Source: pinterest

4. He is a totally different when at home.

Source: pinterest

5. When he is naughty at the park and nice at home. Whatta Shape Shifter!

Source: dogshaming

6. When you have to bring extra clothes during park visit.

Source: 3milliondogs

7. How can this cute face be so naughty!

Source: pinterest

8. She always does this when she’s insecure with the other little girls.

Source: dogshaming

9. Thinks that water dish is a toilet!

Source: tumblr

10. When the food they stole is much delicious than the food we bring.

Source: pinterest


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