10 Dogs Showing Monday Sickness (So Cute!)

It is so hard to get up from bed especially during Mondays . But watch these dogs who hilariously too lazy to get up because its Monday.

1. “Monday? Whatever!”

Source: squarishwheel

2. ” Imma gonna be like this till its Tuesday!”

Source: captromprod1

3. “I’m still so sleepy and Monday is so creepy!”

Source: pinterest

4. “Wake me up when monday ends”

Source: thelaughingstork

5. “Im stuck so I can’t get up!”

Source: ahnita

6. “Floop Monday!”

Source: hmt1000

7. “I dont want to get up ok?!”

Source: RyanReynoldsisCreepy

8. “It’s still dark so please don’t wake me up just yet!”

Source: reddit

9. “Dude I’m stuck and i like it!”

Source: k1040809

10. “Come back again when it’s Friday!”

Source: huffingtonpost

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