10 Dogs That Will Make You Think Twice Before Leaving Home

Being away from home is difficult especially when you know that you’re going to leave your dog alone in the house.

There is always that worried part of you, anxious to return home to a disastrous kitchen floor, or a living room that looked like a chemistry class gone wrong.   It will put you to a dilemma of getting mad or not, at the same time putting a smile on your face!

1. That moment when their face is contradicting what they are trying to say.

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Source: dogtime

2. That moment when you’re trying to be mad but still end up cuddling them! 

Source: loldamn

3. That unexpected reaction will always be so cute and funny.

Source: rescueidiot

4. That moment when you don’t know whether or not you’re going to be happy that your dog is still in the house.  

Source: animaljam

5. That moment when you have mutual feelings with your dog towards strangers.

Source: memeaddicts

6. That moment when you don’t know if he is happy to see or not.

Source: rescueidiot

7. The battle between the disaster around the house versus the overloaded cuteness of your dog.

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8. How can you be mad when being approach with that face?

Source: jokideo

9. That moment when they have their dinner without you.

Source: weknowmeme

10. That moment when you realize that cotton pillow was not a thing anymore in your house.

Source: funnypictureblog

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