10 Dogs Trying to Defy Gravity

This list is just making me laugh!!I can’t stop! Here’s a compilation of dogs trying to defy gravity and the fine line of humor in an accident!! ROFL!!

1.“Floop science, floop physics, floop gravity!”

Source: amazonpaws

2.” I believe I caannnnnnn…. NOT fly!”

Source: barkpost

3. “I can do this!”

Source: dogsgifpage

4. “Damn Gravity!”

Source: tumblr

5. “I fly, I drop! Stupid physics”

Source: buzzfeed

6. “Gravity is relative men!”

Source: tumblr

7. “Only I can defy gravity”

Source: dogsgifpage

8. “Up up and Fly!”

Source: iruntheinteret

9. “Gravity’s bitch!”

Source: dogsgifpage

10. “Gravity? What gravity?”

Source: chzbrgr

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