10 Dogs Who Go Extremely Crazy For Water

Water is one of the basic  need not just our body but also for our dogs. Watch these dogs as they exaggerated their need for water.

1. ” Gimme that… lemme have that water!”

Source: buzzfeed

2. “This thing is weird. I badly need water and it automatically turns off.”

Source: funnygifmania

3. “It does not taste water. Not even close!”

Source: feedly

4. “I think this water bowl is too high!”

Source: giphy

5. “Thanks to my friend frog, now i’m not thirsty!”

Source: feedly

6. “I want a bigger bowl please!”

Source: tumblr

7. “I just want to sip some water…and suddenly I’m stuck!”

Source: buzzfeed

8. “This water is priceless!”

Source: mashable

9. “Automated water feeder rules!”

Source: ohmygif

10. “I find this water weird and i don’t know why!”

Source: buzzfeed

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