10 Dogs Who Heard Their Favorite Word: TREATS!

Nothing could make dogs more alert than the sound of a bag full of treats! Or you saying the word treat!  Just look at their funny reactions when they hear the word. Would you be able to resist? LOL

1. “I’m sorry, could you please say that again? I think I heard you say TREAT!”

2. “You better be telling the truth about giving me TREATS!”

3.  ‘”Wait, you said TREATS, right?”

4.  “Om nom nom nom . . . are you going to the kitchen?”

5. “I just want to confirm, you mentioned TREATS in your sentence?”

6. “I know you want to feed me!”

source: thedodo

7. I heard you from the other room saying TREEEATS.”

source: pinterest

9. “Hello! We’re here to claim our TREATS!”

source: pinterest


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