10 Famous Personalities Owning a Dachshund (Shocking!)

It is so unbelievable that a singer, an actor or even a leader has a soft spot for a wienner. Know them and their dachshund counter-parts.

1. Pablo Picasso  paid similar homage to a more unusual friend: a self-assured little dachshund called “Lump”.

Source: buzzfeed

2. Mahatma Gandhi is a lawyer, leader and peace-keeper who also happenst to have a special spot for dachshunds in his heart.

Source: examiner

3. Marlon Brando inherited his fave for dachshunds from his grandparent who owned two dachshunds.

Source: pinterest

4. William Powell and “Jerry”.

Source: examiner

5. Clint Eastwood an action star, who has a soft heart for weenies.

Source: pinterest

6. Christian Slater can take a hundreds of photos together with his dachshund named “charlie” the whole day. 

Source: pinterest

7. Adele and her pet dachshunds name is “Louis Armstrong”.

Source: adelewiki

8. John F. Kennedy during his younger years owns a dachshund named “Dunker”

Source: pinterest

9. Andy Warhol a man of such talent and creativity chose to share it with his two noble dachshunds named “Amos” and “Archie”.

Source: historyandheadline

10. Who would believe THE Queen Victoria chose dachshunds to be her castle company? AWESOME! 

source: pinterest

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