10 Funny Dachshunds Who Are Stuck Under A Sleeve

Dachshunds are small dog breeds that are capable of going anywhere, even under your used clothing!  Enjoy this compilation of funny dachshunds who are stuck under the sleeves. They can make any of the saddest person happy.

1. “What? I’m little red wienerhood!”

Source: youtube

2. “Thank God you’re here, you can give me a hug now coz I’m so cold!”

Source: buzzfeed

3. “I’m fine, but can you please hand me the treat!”

Source: curazy

4. “We were just playing hide and seek, now i’m stuck!”

Source: reddit

5. “I smell bacon, Hope they won’t recognize me in this outfit!”

Source: ravengazette

6. “Yey I’m invisible!”

Source: youtube

7. “A little help here, please?”

Source: dailymail

8. “Day 3. They still think I’m lost!”

Source: reddit

9. “Who turned off the lights?”

Source: lifewithdogs

10. “Oh hey! You came to help me right?”

Source: stuffonmywiener

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