10 Funny Dogs Battling With Toilet Paper

Lovely funny dogs having the time of their life with a toilet paper. Hilarious!

1. “It’s still winter right?”

Source: dailypuppy

2. “They look so dangerous so I destroy them first, You’re welcome!”


Source: 1000reasontoloveyourdog

3. “It was an accident!

Source: barkpost

4. “It’s so soft! I hate soft!”



Source: pinterest

5. “Someone’s here first!”

Source: todogwithlove

6. “I’m prepping up my bed! Goodnight!”

Source: pinterest

7. “It attacked me first!”

Source: trinitytailtraining

8. “They may win battle but the war’s not yet over!”

Source: scoobymedina

9. “This pink toilet paper makes me sad.”

Source: jyvorike

10. “The cat did it!”

Source: dogstruction

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