10 Funny Dogs Caught Stealing Food

These funny dogs are caught in the act of stealing food but you can’t even get mad at them because they look so cute!

1. “Oh this sneaky little wormy is on my face and it’s not my fault”

Source: pinterest

2. “I’m just watching over the pizza while it’s still hot”

Source: dailymail

3. “I just thought I could make my own dinner”

Source: pinterest

4. “Oooopppsss! Just have to look cute so that they won’t get mad”

Source: barkpost

5. “I’ll take the first guard so that the cat won’t get near the turkey”

Source: namepros

6. “This sandwich looks a little lonely, it said it wants to be on my stomach”

Source: plazilla

7. “Oh this doesn’t belong on your table, its mine now!”

Source: officialhuskylovers

8. “The sandwich just feel off my face”

Source: boomsbeat

9. “That cookie has a spell, it’s making me hungry!”


Source: youtube

10. “I saw a mice somewhere and i wanted to catch it! Oh silly mice!”

Source: pixgood


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