10 Funny Dogs Fighting Against Leaf Blower

OMG You gotta watch these dog’s reaction when faced with leaf blower. It’s so FUNNY! ROFL!!

1. “I don’t know if this is a microphone or what!”

Source: tumblr

2. “I really hate this thing!”

Source: gify

3. “What kind of sorcery is this?”

Source: flikr

4. “What do you think of me, A leaf?”

Source: collegehumor

5. “I maybe small but you ain’t gonna blow me that easy”

Source: cheezburger

6. “If I’ll catch this thing I’m gonna chew them into pieces!”

Source: pinterest

7. “It’s lifting me, I think i can fly!”

Source: cheezburger

8. “Lemme have it! Come on!”

Source: collegehumor

9.”Seriuosly, Stop it!”

Source: pinterest

10. “It surely doesn’t taste good!”

Source: cheezburger

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