10 Funny Dogs Who Help You Get Over With Monday Sickness

These dogs can also feel the weight of waking up every Monday morning but they’re trying to make you feel better to go on for the day.

1. That moment when your dog mimics exactly how you feel.

Source: funnybeaver

2. That moment when your dog is too lazy to wake up that you are.

Source: animalmeme

3. That moment when your alarm clock doesn’t work and your dog does the job for you instead.

Source: quickmeme

4.  This dog is planning to relax for the WHOOOOLE Day! 

Source: funnypictures

5. How can you can get up with that look!

Source: holisticselect

6. That moment when your dog is too effective in waking you up.

Source: funnymemes

7. That moment you wake up and your dog has already prepared your breakfast.

Source: bacontoday

8. That moment when breakfast and cuddles rolled into one.

Source: ymbproperties

9. That moment when your dog is way too stubborn than you are in terms of waking up.

Source: jokideo

10. That moment when you got nothing to do but smile because of their cuteness.

Source: weknowmemes

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