10 German Shepherds Outsmart You! LOL!

Its so amazing how this gentle giants can become and act like a spoiled brat.

1. That moment when he tries to renew his post.

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2. How can you get mad seeing those cute little eyes.

Source: dogtime

3. That moment when you’re confused with their honesty against their mistake.

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4. That moment when you have to say yes all the time.

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5. That moment when your dog is not yet over with weekend party.

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6. That moment when you don’t know if you’re going to be happy or scared.

Source: funnypictures

7. That moment when they’re already preparing for revenge.

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8. That moment when you’re supposed to get mad but fall in love with their cuteness.

Source: dogtutorial

9. That moment when even you are now afraid to go to the vet too!

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10. That moment when they’re trying real hard to pose in front of a camera.

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