10 Happy Dachshunds on Wheels

One of the common health risk in dachshunds is the Hip Displasia in which the dog is unable to walk and that they need wheels to walk. But watch these dachshunds take pride in their wheels.

1. “I can run twice as fast as the ordinary dachshunds”

Source: doghow

2. “I like this pink dress, it suits my mood today”

Source: joyfulpaws

3. “These wheels are multi-functional, you can also put a lot of treats there”


Source: examiner

4.  “So you think I can’t play fetch huh?”

Source: dachshundssociety

5. “Thank you for these wheels! I can play again!” 

source: vet.purdue

6. “I feel rejuvenated!” 

source: oscar-dachshund

7. “I got a Custom-built miniature chariot!”

source: purseblog

8. “I heart all of you!”

source: handicappedpetscanada

9. “Are we going to the park? Yipee!”

source: ruffrollin

Here’s a bonus Dachshund on wheels!

10. “Bus dog is coming!” 

source: neotorama


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