10 Hilarious Confessions of Dog Owners

These confessions are so funny! (I laughed so hard while reading this, I farted! shhhh…) ROFL!

1.  “I nudge my dog when he’s snoring really loud. Not enough to wake him up. Just enough to get him to stop snoring.
My boyfriend laughs.  My boyfriend doesn’t know I do the same thing to him.”

source: youtube

2.   “I shower naked with my dog.”

source: perezhilton

3.  “I use my dogs as excuses to leave boring situations or get out of some family events. It’s less obnoxious than just saying I don’t want to go and avoids conflict. Plus, I’d almost always rather be with them anyway.”

source: consciouscompanion2012

4.  “I kiss my dogs even though I know where their mouths have been.”

source: statesman

5.  “I fart and blame it on the nearest dog ALL the time.”

source: dogforums

6.  “I hold complete conversations with my dogs. It’s less lonely and crazy than talking to myself, right?”

source: sureawesomeness

7. “I want to rent a hotel room just so we can have real alone time without seeing, hearing, or smelling dogs.”

source: lifeasahuman

8.  “When my wife gets out of bed in the middle of the night, to use the bathroom or get water, the dog always jumps in her spot and I pretend not to wake up, even though she is 75 pounds and not very graceful. I love hearing my wife sweet talk to her and kiss her face before asking her to go back to the dog-bed.”

source: jesleen92

source: wallpapers4u

9. “I rescued my dog from a neighbor who was abusing her, and keeping her in the crate for 12-14 hours per day.. and by rescued I mean stole.”

source: onlyfunnyjokes

10.  “I worry all the time that having such a friendly, well socialized dog will backfire if & when I have a break in.”

source: dogloveit


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