10 Labradors Who Just Love To Get Dirty

These silly childish acts of Labradors plus the innocent look on their faces, you absolutely can’t get mad at them!

1. “You threw the ball and I just followed it!”

Source: davidkanigan

2. “This is awesome! Can I do it again tomorrow, Please?”

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3. “My butt is 100% clean I promise!”

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4. “I was just telling the cat to stop then I slipped!”

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5. “This is relaxing, right guys? We should do this more often!”

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6. “100% sure about that!”

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7. “Why won’t anyone hug me?”

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8. “It is ok for you to get dirty doing the garden, but you’re mad at me for helping you.”

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9. “Please don’t get jealous, I still wuv you too!”

Source: just4petcare

10. “Its not my fault! please don’t get mad at me.”

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