10 OMG Confessions of Dog Owners

Dogs can be funny, and they have the ability of turning around our miserable lives. But Dog Owners can be Funnier!  The confessions by Anonymous Dog Owners below are an entertaining read!

1.  “I let my dog eat off my spoon.”

source: arbroath

2. “When I’m home alone, I am glad that my dogs bark like the devil if they think someone is coming in. They also enter dark rooms before I do and keep watch outside of my bathroom when I shower. I’m such a sissy, but they make me feel safe.”

source: youtube

3.  “I know when I come home and am greeted by excited dogs, I am supposed to ignore the excited behavior and reward calm. BUT I love their greeting & I am just as excited to see them. So I don’t correct.”

source: houstonpettalk

4. “My dog is the only reason I know what unconditional love feels like..”

source: best-dog-food-guide

5.  “My female dog keeps peeing on the couch. Then my male pees on her pee. WHAT THE HELL???!!! “

source: youdidwhatwithyourweiner

6. “I’m really happy and thankful that my dogs are lazy because I would not have the time anymore to work with them if they really needed it. I will not get another dog, even after mine are gone, until I am positive that I have the amount of time to dedicate to them that they deserve.”

source: jokeroo

7.  “I love my dogs but sometimes I am lazy about training. Why can’t they learn something and not have to have it reinforced forever? And corn chip feet are my favorite.”

source: pinstopin

8. “I like spending time with my dogs more than I like spending time with most people.”

source: labradorretrieverguide

9.  “My neighbor lets his dog off the leash in our neighborhood, even though we have many aggressive dogs that live around here, so one day I just let my dog poop on his driveway. I didn’t pick it up either. HA!”

source: crazyhyena

10.  “I don’t care if someone thinks it’s gross, I love the smell of my dog. It smells like home.”

source: stuffpoint


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