10 Photos Showing That Dogs Love Cats, Too

They may be mortal enemies but canines and felines can also be the best of friends. Here are 10 photos of our furry friends showing their affection for each other showing that all we need is love, and love is all you need.

1. A hug can go do a lot.


2. They’re not ghetto.
“First let me take selfie.”

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3. Just don’t look.
“Close your eyes buddy, you just don’t want to see the owner devouring a hot dog.”

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4. “Can I hazz a kizz?”

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5. Who says the cat is the only one allowed in the box?

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6. For our next activity, let us pretend to be human.

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7. Draw us like one of your French girls.


8. Deep in thought.

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9. “Dog, let us find the source of the red dot.”

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10. “Are we twins?”

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