10 Pictures of Dogs with Eyebrows [Hilarious!]

These dogs with eyebrows makes their expression easy to read! Check them out you might want to try this sometime!


1.  “How do I look?”

Source:  imgur


2.  “Hooman, stop this foolish nonesense now!”

Source: imgur


3.  “Do I have something on my face?”

Source: imgur


4.  “This makes me look like that dad from American Pie.”

Source: imgur


5.  “Hey gurl, do I look fab now?”

Source: imgur


6.  “What did you do to me while I’m sleeping? I Know you did something!”

Source: imgur



Source: imgur


8.  “Hey let me do you too!”

Source: imgur


9.  “I can see you got the talent.”

Source: rakuten


10.  “This is my ‘You when going home drunk’ impression.”

Source: imgur


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