10 Pros & Cons Of Owning A Dachshund

We gain A LOT of different things and experiences when we own a Dachshund.  Their dynamic characteristic will make you crazily, madly love with them more! Here are the Pros and Cons of getting one of these cute but naughty creatures . .

1. Pros: Loyal Friend

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2. Cons: You will never be the owner of your house

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3. Pros: They are naturally comedians

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4. Cons: No more privacy

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5. Pros: Cuddle Buddy

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6. Cons: They take up most of the bed

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7. Pros: Always happy to see and be with you

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8. Cons: Your list of chores got bigger

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9. Pros: Intelligent

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10. Cons: Stubborn to the bone

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Oh the Joys and the Frustrations combined when owning a Dachshund!

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