10 Proudest Dog Daddies

These dogs know they have Dad wrapped around their paws. Mostly because no matter how big they get, they’ll always be Daddy’s little girl/boy.

1. “I know you’ll never leave that long dad.”

Source: pawshmagazine

2. “We always have that moment in the beach!”

Source: pinterest

3. “My best afternoon is with my daddy’s side!”

Source: dogvacay

4. “Like Father like daughter!”

Source: pinterest

5. “It’s so nice to wake up every morning with my daddy!”

Source: pinterest

6. “Summer’s most hottest with me and my daddy!”

Source: hotdudeswithdogs

7. “He spoils with my food!”

Source: boredpanda

8. “A Big Kisses for daddy!”

Source: hotguyswdog

9. “Best sun-bathing everrrr!”

Source: brainjet

10. “Vacation like no other dad!”

Source: pinterest

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