10 Reasons You Definitely Need A Dog In Your Life

Of all the animals in the world, it is dogs that are closest to my heart.   I can’t imagine life without dogs!

You should have a dog in your life too! Here’s why:

1.  Dogs can empathize with pain.   A study has shown that more dogs approached a person crying than a person who was not – proof that dogs are eager to help and comfort humans that are in distress!

Source: omgfacts

2. Dogs can detect sickness such as cancer, low blood sugar and seizure attacks.   Dogs’ senses are really that strong! Especially their sense of smell.

Source: rover

3. Dogs can help you keep healthy, active and fit.  If you have lived with a dog, then you know what I mean.   They are simply a big ball of energy!

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4. Dogs can help you be more social.  A study has concluded that dogs act as “social catalysts,” who help people get out more, approach others more easily, and overall reduce isolation.  Dogs are not just companions, they are the human social support, which also benefits overall human health.

Source: miamiherald

5. Dogs can help Soldiers and other patients overcome PTSD.   The dog’s presence is already enough to help sufferers of PTSD come out of their shells and forget their depression, making them less numb or angry.  Dogs can make anyone a happy person!

Source: nytimes

6. Dogs can improve a baby’s immune system and lessen chances of eczema and allergy – by keeping babies dirty!  Studies show that babies with dogs are actually healthier than those without dogs, reporting fewer coughs, runny noses, and ear infections. The reason, researchers believe, is because dogs will track in dirt, mud, and other germ-infested bits of earth, thereby boosting the child’s immune system.

Source: dailymail

Source: huffingtonpost

7. Dogs can heal your wounds by licking you.  When a dog licks you, this can help stimulate nerves and muscles, and get oxygen moving again, which is the secret ingredient in helping wounds to heal.

Source: jacksonville

8. Dogs can help the elderly avoid going to the doctor.    Because of the positive vibes and good feelings that dogs bring out of their masters, even in the worst of times, studies have found that older people who own dogs average at least one less doctor appointment per year than those who do not.

Source: positively

9. Dogs can aid with depression and lessen heart problems.  The simple act of walking with a dog can help a human deal with stress better.   Even chronic depression becomes easier to handle with the way a dog can give you unconditional love!

Source: tarynblyth

10.  Dogs can be a best friend for life.  Dogs spend much of their lives observing us – our mannerisms, routines, and quirks. They probably understand us better than we understand ourselves.  I know you know that you and your dog share a bond that is difficult to replicate with other people.


Source:  perezhilton

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