10 Related Dog Breeds You Probably Didn’t Expect

Here’s some short list of dog breeds that doesn’t just look the same but are actually related.

1. Great Dane & Irish WolfHound.

These dogs were crosses between English Mastiff and Irish Wolfhounds, to create a large breed that was suitable for both guarding and hunting.


2. Bull Terrier & Dalmatian.

Though these breeds don’t really look anything alike other than the white coat, this is because the original breeder uses the dalmatian to create bull terrier to add better agility and more elegance that the bull breeds lacked.

3. Labrador Retriever & Newfoundland.

The Saint John’s Water Dog was used to create these two Canadian Breeds.

4.  Tibetan Spaniel & Pug.

Although the Tibetan Spaniel is not actually a spaniel at all, but shares a common ancestry with Japanese Chins and Pekingese which are all related to pugs.

5. Hovawart & German Shepherd D0g.

The Hovawart is a rarely relative German dog breed, and looks more like  Retriever’s breed. And that is in fact a much more related to German Shepherd’s dog, which was used to create the breed.

Source: theilovedogssite


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