10 Rules That Dogs Made for Humans

While we humans think we are the superior race over all creatures,  the dog species have set their own rules for us to obey and live by.

These dogs are clamoring for respect!  According to our dogs, here are the 10 rules we should abide by:

1. Thou shall feed thy dog every goody that thou eats. 

source: telegraph

2.  Thou shall not trick thy dog or mislead us to a bath.  

source:  ink361

3.  Thou shall not come home smelling of other dogs. 

source: mirror

4.  Thou shall let me out of the house even though I just got in, there was an area I forgot to smell.

source: guardianpetsitters

5.  Thou shall not Shhhhh! me when I’m barking; I heard the wind blowing the leaves outside.  

source: kongcompany

6.  Thou shall not leave the room without me.

source: express

7.  Thou shall not covet food landed on the floor, that food is mine! 

source: dailypuppy

8.  Thou shall not dictate where I should sleep,  no matter thou might trip on me. 

source:  aplacetolovedogs

9.  Thou shall not move me while I sleep sideways on the bed; thou hath enough space on the edge. 

source: tyeshepherds

10.  Thou shall never poop or pee alone again.  

source: cuteoverload


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