10 Strategies To Bathe Your Dog Quickly and Painlessly

In our previous discussion on how often you should bathe your dog,  this post now gives tips on how to bath your dog as quickly and as painlessly, especially when your dog is not used to this kind of wet activity or doesn’t like the water in general.



Tip 1: Set your bathing location wisely.  Small dogs can be bathed in sinks, while larger ones can have it in bath tubs.


Tip 2: Brush your dog’s fur before hand.  Bath time will go smoothly, plus your dog will feel less pain when the mats and loose dirt goes down first.

Tip 3: Prepare your bathing paraphernalia and keep them on hand. Such supplies may include dog shampoo, nail clippers, nail files, dog brushes, dog toothbrushes and toothpastes, towels, containers and/or nozzles. Many people also choose to have treats handy to help distract and calm their dogs during baths.


Tip 4: Speaking of treats, Associate bath time with nothing but positive experiences.  Talk in a soothing way. You may even want to try putting the pet into the bathtub or sink beforehand while it is dry just to get it used to the area.


Tip 5: Handle your dog the proper way.  Support its end with one hand while using the other to support the back.


Tip 6: Use lukewarm water for bathing.   Anything cooler or hotter will cause additional stress that both the owner and animal can stand to live without. It’s also important to only have the water level as high as your dachshund’s chest as well.


Tip 7: Avoid your dog’s face and ears.  Gently pour water over the body and use a wet towel to clean the face area.

Tip 8: Shampoo your dog with both hands.  Work on a lather and rinse until the water is bubble free.  You will also need to run your hand over your dog’s neck to its tail to help remove the shampoo and water from the coat.

Tip 9: Completely dry your dog’s fur.  Use a towel or the lowest setting of a dryer.  If you leave them wet, they could get a cold.  They’ll also attempt to dry themselves by rubbing their body over things.  They could get dirty again!


Tip 10: Take the time to do other grooming activities.  Nail clipping and the likes while your dog is already calm and dry.

Enjoy the quick and pain-free bath time! Share this on Facebook!