10 Things Dog Owners Should Always Remember

The more we love our pet dogs, the more we should care for them. Here are 10 reminders that dog owners must always remember.

1. Whether or not you should walk your dog.

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2. Head pressing in dogs and why you should take your dog to a vet. Read more about it here.

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3. Be careful with ticks that can bury themselves inside the mouth of your dogs.

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4. Leaving your dog in a cat on a hot day = ANIMAL ABUSE

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5. Beware of peanut butter and nut butters with Xylitol.

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6. Don’t feed your dogs with these foods.

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7. Beware of this disease-ridden ticks that can kill dogs. Learn more about here.

8. Kiss your dog. A study reveals that kissing your dog could improve your health.

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9. A new law that puts phony service dog owners on notice was passed by the Florida legislature. Learn more about the law here.

10. Enjoy 4th of July with your dog with these steps.