10 Things Human Parents and Dog Parents Have In Common

We call them dogs our fur kids – and for good reason! Because they have a lot in common with two-legged children.

But if you have dogs thinking you are avoiding the struggles and joys of parenting, think again! Here are 10 things parents and dog owners have in common.

1. The proud moment when your baby learns something new. Whether it’s a kid learning to walk or a puppy that just learned to sit – you can’t wait to share the video on social media, with your coworkers and the strangers on the bus.

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2. Cleaning up poop. Whether it’s a dirty diaper or a doggy bag, both types of parents are all too familiar with this chore.

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3. Using your own sick days to take care of your child. A vet appointment on a Wednesday, the orthodontist on a Monday, the flu on Friday. You aren’t allowed to get sick because you have used all your sick days.

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4. Worrying when they aren’t with you. Maybe it’s a kid’s first summer camp or your first vacation leaving the dog behind. Either way, you are going to worry the whole time.

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5. Cleaning up messes. Crayons on the wall, chewed shoes, thrown food, shredded newspapers. Regardless of the species, children and dogs make messes that parents have to pick up.

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6. You spend more money on them than on yourself. You stopped dying your hair, do home manicures and forget about designer clothing. Yet your dog has a $80 collar and $200 car seat. Or, your teenager has the latest fashion and dyes her hair every week to stay on trend. It’s just normal for you to support them all the way.

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7. You can’t remember what a clean car looks like. Your car may smell like a wet dog and be covered in fur, or maybe it has crackers ground into the seats, juice boxes on the floor and mud everywhere from the latest soccer practice. You don’t mind because each bit of mess is a memory.

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8. Even the worst day is made better with a play session. You may have had a bad day at work, but being able to come home and play with your child – two- or four-legged – makes it all better.

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9. Staying home because you can’t find a sitter. Just like many parents turn down nights out because they can’t find a sitter.

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10. The feeling of love when they look at you. It’s been scientifically proven that our brains spikes the same hormone when looking at a beloved dog or a baby. There is nothing quite like that feeling.

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