10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Boxer Dogs

We all know the basics about the boxer dog breed but an additional interesting facts about them will make us love these grumpy, wrinkly face dog even more. Awwee!!

1. Boxers were bred from now an extinct bred named Bullenbeiser (existed once in Germany) and an English Bulldog.

Source: pawbuzz

2. Boxers are highly highly energetic that needs frequent exercise.  Like daily.


Source: pethealthcare

3. Boxers are prone to Heart  and Bone Disorder.

Source: pinterest

4. Boxers were bred to hunt large animals. Amazing Strength and Courage!

Source: pinterest

5. It takes almost three years for a Boxer puppy to become completely mature.

Source: bullytree

6. Boxers have loose big lips and wrinkly face that makes them drool a lot.

Source: pinterest

7. Boxers get along well with other pet and would rarely show aggression towards them.

Source: pennywellfarm

8. A Boxer holds a Guinness World Record for the longest tongue in the world.

Source: 3milliondogs

9. The tail of a boxer was originally docked and the ears cropped so that wild animals could not get a hold of the dogs during hunting.

Source: vetstreet

10. Boxer Dog have a unique jaw.

Source: doglovely


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