10 Ways On How To Increase Your Dogs Life Span

We all want to spend a lifetime with our dogs. Here’s some little things that we can do to somehow increase the life longevity of our dogs.

1. Regular Exercise. Keeping your dog healthy and active will definitely add more time to your dog.

Source: leadyourdog

2. Regular Brushing of Teeth. Bacteria in your dogs mouth can cause a lot of health issues thus putting your dog at risk that may decrease their lifespan.

Source: deerfieldsvet

3. Regular Check-Ups with the Vet. A regular visit to the vet enables us know the the earliest symptoms of an underlying diseases of our dog that we might not be aware of.

Source: vetstreet

4. Complete Vaccinations. As we always say “Prevention is Better than Cure” may also apply to our dogs. Completing vaccines may prevent our dogs from many life threatening diseases.

Source: germanshepherdinformation

5. Train them well. Teaching them new tricks stimulates their minds thus increases their well of being.

Source: labradorretrieverguide

6. Daily 20 minutes walk. Regular walk enhances dogs promotes regular blood flow all over dogs body to keep them healthy and active.

Source: vetstreet

7. Don’t stress out your dog. Stress from too much training or any other source that causes stress to your dog may pone to different illnesses.

Source: oregonstate

8. Less sweet treats. Too much sugar from sweet treats may put your dog at risk of many kinds of diseases.

Source: officialhuskylover

9. Make a comfortable bed. A well-rested dog is a very well-being dog. So make sure that your dog sleeps comfortably.

Source: youtube

10. Give them a lot of LOVE. Of course, your love to your dog is what makes them healthy and a very well-being dogs.

Source: health

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