10 Weird Facts We Probably Didn’t Know About Dogs

It’s no surprise that dogs can be one of the strangest and ever mysterious animals, even though we have co-existed with them for millions of years.   Yet, their uniqueness has put them at an advantage against other animals.  Dogs are closer to our hearts and we all love them the same.

Below are some bizarre facts about dogs that you probably never knew. These dog facts will blow your mind, you will not see your dog the same way again!

1. A dog’s strength & running ability can be predicted by measuring the size and width of its head. What??


Source: kimballstock

2. Unlike humans, dogs main energy source comes from fat, not carbs.  Lucky them!

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3. Even dogs who sleep all day, they have more endurance than the greatest human athletes.  Whoa, awesome! 

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4. Dogs have been  to space. 

On November 3, 1957, Laika, a dog from Russia, became one of the first animals sent to space. She was a stray dog when she was chosen for the mission.

Source: buzzfeed

5. A dog has been mayor. 

A small town in Minnesota, with a population of 12, elected Duke the Great Pyrenees the mayor. In August 2014, Duke was able to beat out his competitor with over half of the votes. The seven year old dog is being paid with free kibble, donated by the local pet store.

Source: poolhouse

6. The Chow Chow and Sharpei breeds are the only two with black tongues.  (I see you checking the color of your dog’s tongue later!)

Source: imgur

7. Dog’s shoulder blades are unattached from the rest of the skeleton. This allows for greater flexibility when running.

Source: fineartamerica

8. Dogs have two times as many muscles in their ears than human ones.

Source: peterdobias

9. Dogs could smell more than 3,000 miles away.  

Source: totalassist

10. Most dogs can understand up to 200 words.


Source: angeldogtraining

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