12 Funny Dogs Camouflage

These cute and funny dogs  are trying to be one of their surrounding! Totally unbelievable how they can nail it!

1. “I just let the humans miss me every once in a while.”

Source: sunnylol

2. “Really now. Do I really look like these fat toys?”

Source: funnyjunk

3. “It’s a trap!”

Source: chubaandcompany

4. “Yeah this is my spot right here!”

Source: dogpicturesfunny

5. Oh! Can’t resist the cuteness!”

Source: boredpanda

6. “I do belong here!”

Source: scottnortonblogspot

7. “With all the wrinkles and folds, human will not definitely notice!” 

Source: googleplus

8. “Trying to hide from their cuddles, then suddenly my collar betray me!”

Source: jokemail

9. “Guess you can’t find the difference!”

Source: earthporn

10. “They look stupid. Do i look stupid?”

Source: funnyjunk

11. “This is what you call a stealth fashion”

Source: doghow

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