15 Dogs Getting Weird During Car Ride

As long as it is outside the house your dog will surely love it. Whether you’re both going for a walk, going to the park or taking a car ride and going somewhere, I can already imagine how excited they are. BUT some dogs are just the WEIRD-FUNNY-EXCITED type.  Check these dogs’ different reactions during a car ride. You will definitely roll over laughing!

1. “Human sleeps, I sleep too!”

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2. “Because I’ve never been to that park before”

Source: wurstwisdom

3. “Am i doing it right?”

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4. “I feel a little awkward with this position.”

Source: blogdiscovery

5. “Let’s go to the carwash first, yes?”

Source: matleynews

6. “This is a weird position don’t you think?”

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7. “Wooooowwww I can see the pool and waterslide already!”

Source: animalkid

8. “I fit perfectly just fine here, no worries!”

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9. “Please make a decision now!”

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10. “Sunbathing plus a car ride, SO PUURRFFECT!”

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11. “This is my favorite car sleeping position.”

Source: likefun

12. “I think something’s wrong”

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13. “C’mon lemme drive!”

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14. “If it’s gonna be a long drive, might as well get more snacks.”

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15. “Riding is so awesome!”

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