14 Dachshunds And Their Unique Taste Buds

Dogs are like mind of a 2 year-old human. So don’t be surprised if they act so childishly like eating whatever see and whatever touches their paws.  These funny Dachshunds are more likely to be like a child who puts in their mouth everything they  hold onto.  For them, you don’t know what you’re missing out!

1. “I love baby food but mom won’t give me any. So I eat baby poop instead and they taste just as the same.”

Source: babycenter

2. “I don’t know what’s the flavor of this chair but I love it!”

Source: newslinq

3. “Didn’t you know that carpets taste good? You should try it sometime!”

Source: tumblr

4. “But the label says strawberry flavor, I thought it was really strawberry!”

Source: pinterest

5. “I saw a small white snake. But I already took care of it! Thank you!”

Source: oddee

6. “We thought mom’s playing with us and giving us treats in the backyard”

Source: pinterest

7. “The color is so flavorful, thought it tastes good too!”

Source: dogshaming

8. “I love the smell so I try to eat it!”

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9. “Your son is my best friend and he is giving me extra treats!”

Source: barkpost

10. “It has an additional flavor than the usual tissue.”

Source: tumblr

11. “I smell something outside so I eat my way out!”

Source: barkpost

12. “I really have good taste!”

Source: jcoxlives

13. “I was just offering some help but got tempted!”

Source: rescuedognews

14. “I just love the color of my poop!”

Source: awesomelycute


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