15 Amazing Big Dog-Small Dog Friendship

These cute dog BFFs proves that “SIZE” really doesn’t matter when you’re with your best bud. And for the record, dogs do not “think” they are either big or little. That is called the Small Dog Syndrome. They live in the moment and are just what they are, reacting to the moment. Their unique friendship will make you envy them. LOL!

1. “He is my brother from another mother.”

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2. “Can we just stop for a while little buddy?”

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3. “I have a clearer view where the good smell is coming from.”

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4.”Those are the bad dogs who made fun of my size!”

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5. ” Hey you little spot, come back here in my back”

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6. “Something’s bothering you little buddy?”

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7. “Size doesn’t matter! He is my brother!”

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8. “Let’s show them the booty dance that we practiced last night!”

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9. “This big guy right next to me is my younger brother!”

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10. “Can’t wait to play after this photo shoot!”


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11. “I can totally keep up in running even in my little size”

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12. “We can never be apart!”

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13. “Don’t be afraid, I’m always right next to you!”

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14. “Lemme give you some sugar!”

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15. “Big and small grumpy faces”

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16. “Please don’t interrupt our BFF moment! Thank you! ” 

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17. “We face our fears together!” 

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18. “Let’s pose for instagram!”

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19. “Just kidding around!” 

Source: dogtheblog

20. “Me and my best buddy playing tag!” 

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AAAAAAAAAWWEE!! They are sooo cute!!

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