15 Different Facial Expressions Of A Dachshund

As we all know, dogs uses bark to communicate to us human but these adorable dachshunds can express their feeling through their facial expression.

1. Happy to see you but don’t want to get up.

Source: ilovedachshund

2. Wanting something that you have.

Source: buzzfeed

3.  Goofing around with siblings.

Source: ilovedachshundszone

4. Wishing for something…

Source: ilovedachshund

5. Feeling sleepy.

Source: cutecutepics

6. Feeling glamorous today. 

Source: ilovedachshundszone

7. Having a bad hair day.

Source: picphotos

8. Being jealous.

Source: pinterest

9. Not in the mood for play

Source: ilovedachshundszone

10. Doesn’t like your companion.

Source: mydachshunds

11. Sneaking off for foods.

Source: mydachshund

12. Needing your hug.

Source: dailypuppy

13. Done something naughty.

Source: americandogclub

14. Up for some cuddles.

Source: celebritydachshunds

15. Doesn’t want you to leave.

Source: aplacetolovedogs

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