15 Different Funny Faces Dogs Make When They Sneeze

We all make funny faces when we sneeze, and dogs are no exception.  With snouts that big, they’re sure to tickle themselves into a hilarious sneezing frenzy once in awhile!

1. Closed-eyes  Sneeze Face

“I’m trying to focu–Aaaaahhhchooo!!”

source: vetstreet

“Darn it! I can’t believe I’m allergic to hotdogs!”

Source: blazepress

“These spring thingy makes me sneeze!”

Source: youtube

“Is it me or you didn’t take a bath too!”

Source: lifewithdogs

“Go away! I’m allergic to your face!”

Source: petwave

2. Smiling Sneeze Face

“I’m not being cute or something, it’s just that I don’t like your smell so go away!”

Source: youtube

“Sneezing makes me cute, isn’t it?”

Source: normansaxon

“I think I like this sneezing thingy now!”

Source: pinterest

“You all look weird when you sneeze, Me? I look awesome!”

Source: youtube

3. Angry Sneeze Face

“I’m cchhhooooooooooottteee (cute), right?”

Source: pinterest

“I hate this feeling! Totally!”

Source: lifewithdogs

“Mmooooommmm i can’t sleep with this sneezing!”

Source: ink361

“Ooooppppsss did i scare you?”

Source: lifewithdogs

4. Free-Style Sneeze Face

“The feeling is weird right?”

Source: justsomething

“I poop everytime I sneeze. And I’m not sorry!”

Source: pbh2

“Isn’t it weird that every time you yawn, I sneeze?”

Source: imgur

“Your face is my favorite sneezing place.”

Source: pinterest

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